Surrogacy in Kazakhstan

The Legal Status in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, surrogacy is legal for heterosexual married couples.

Legal regulation of surrogacy relations is determined by the Family Code of Kazakhstan, since 22 November 2007 Order 1154/5 of the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan Changes in Essential Records Register Rules in Ukraine and 23 December 2008 Order 771 of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan The approval of directives for procedure in ART use.

The law in Kazakhstan specifically states that the baby belongs to the Intended Parents and the surrogate mother has no prenatal rights. The Birth Certificate will be issued in the name of the child’s parents, even if donor material has been used during conception.

Article 123, section 2 of the family code of Kazakhstan states that the embryos which were made by IVF by the intended parents and were returned to the womb of another woman the intended parents are his parents.

At least one of the parents must be genetically linked to the baby.

Article 10 of Section 3 of order 1154/5 of the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan determines the procedure of registering the Intended Parents and registering the baby as theirs.

Order No 771 of Kazakhstan Ministry of Health determines who can serve as a surrogate and what clinics can undertake IVF and surrogacy procedures in Ukraine.

Our Legal Department in Kazakhstan

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The Surrogacy Clinic in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan is one of the only countries in the world that law allows surrogacy and egg donation to foreigner as well.